Franco Bellavita a.k.a Pachyderme oscillates between  visual and sonorous universes through his works, including sound design, analog photography and collage as the main mediums.

His music background developed while studying bass guitar;  performing different variations of jazz genre and  it became more concrete and abstract when he started devoting his time to creative experiment in the field of electronic music in 2006.

His sound imagery blends field recordings from his daily life and travels, acoustic and electronic instruments, and digital processing into an intimist  sensory experience, using phonography as a medium to overlap fragments of time and space into present,

Collage has served him as a visual playground to compose images using cuts from books, newspapers,magazines and different types of graphic sources and re-arranging them into dream worlds.

Magic elements play a natural role in an otherwise mundane, realistic environment, creating a marvelous reality filled with supernatural beings and daily life situations, recalling  "Magic Realism" tradition, painting soundscapes and scenes  on imaginary canvas.

His studies into the field of Cinema and Television lead him to use Direct Take 35mm Analog Photography as a complementary language, and audiovisual media became a frame for his cinematic compositions.

Since 2013 he participates actively in collaborative art projects, including collective exhibitions, installations and art residencies.

His releases can be found in digital and physical format in several electronic music labels, and he is part of the A&R department of the labels 31337 records and Abandoned Audio


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